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  • KRATON EXTRACT. This is basically a legal chemical substance that is native. This can be found in the rainforests of the southern part of East Asia.
  • KRATOM LEAVES. These are usually obtained from the foliage of Kakuam, Thom Mitragyna, Kakuam and Ketum.
  • SALVIA DIVINORUM LEAVES. These are types of legal high, also known as sage of the fortune-teller.
  • Batch Chill. Charge Chill is considered today as one of the best and longest running legal high.
  • Batch White. This is a legal and new powder formulated to be a better and stronger chemical. it's even considered making it even more euphoric during a full bath.
  • flying saucers. These are considered to be one of the best and strongest products because they are used in most groups.
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This is especially true with regard to hashish, which is also used medically and scientifically.

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