Opus of Methoxphenidine

Methoxphenidine is categorized under the diarylethylamine class. This research chemical is stronger than Diphenidine. It’s functioning and reactions are highly unpredictable which can even lead to blackouts.

• Chemistry of Methoxphenidine

Methoxphenidine which is also called as 2-MeO-Diphenidine is part of the diarylethylamine class. The molecule of methoxphenidine consists of a basic skeleton of phenethylamine with substituted Rα in its phenyl ring. In the structure of this research chemical, the amino group in phenethylamine chain which is located at the terminal is integrated into a piperidine ring. So, you can easily that methoxphenidine is associated with piperidine class of research chemical. This research chemical is analogous to Diphenidine structurally as it contains substituted molecule of 2-methoxy CH3O-

• Pharmacology of Methoxphenidine

As far as the usage of Methoxphenidine is the concern in terms of medicine. This research chemical is used as a part of the NMDA receptor antagonist which permits the passage of electrical signals between spinal cord and brain and keeps the receptor open. In the absence of this connection which is made by Methoxphenidine it may lead to “k-hole”, loss of feeling, difficulty in moving etc.

• Subjective effects of Methoxphenidine

Numerous subjective effects of usage of Methoxphenidine are determined on the basis of subjective effects index and personal experiences of PsychonautWiki contributors. So, its effects are compared with a grain of salt because it rarely affects the body. Although if Methoxphenidine is taken in heavy amount its effects will be enhanced. Similarly, if this research chemical is taken in form of higher doses it can cause serious illness even death.

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