Testimony of how remarkable Aminoindane are!

Did you know that Aminoindane can effectively control phytopathogenic fungi?

They have, of course, been known among the best-known research chemicals. It is started to recognize them for their high fungicidal activity. They are also recognized for their high activity in controlling pathogenic fungi of important agricultural crops.

Phytopathogenic fungi with which the aminoindanes are effectively combated

The phytopathogenic fungi commonly used to control aminoindanes include the groups of Erysiphe spp, Monilinia spp, Cercospora spp, Peronospora spp, Phytium spp, Bremia lactucae, Ascomycetes and many others.

The crops that can be protected by the compounds

There are so many crops that can be protected by the consistent use of these research chemicals.

And even if you are a researcher, you would usually include studying all these essential compounds.
These main crops include the fruit trees, banana, cherry, peach, cereals such as oats, rye, barley, sorghum, cereals and more, citrus trees, vegetables, onions, aubergines, peppers, melons, cucumbers, watermelons, cotton, sugarcane, oily seeds, melons, watermelons, cucurbitaceous and more.

Aminoindans have been found to be effective in controlling phytopathogenic viruses and bacteria

It is good to know that, as proven, aminoindans are effective in the control of phytopathogenic viruses and bacteria. They would also wonder how effective they are in controlling the virus that attacks most tobacco plants.
Its fungicidal effect of preventative and curative applications will help crops to be treated, and will be given a chance to grow it in the best and fastest way possible.

Various fungicidal compositions of aminoindanes

Since the topic is mostly the antifungal compounds of aminoindanes, you will be impressed because aminoindanes can be found in almost all forms such as emulsifiable concentrates, dry powders, wettable powders, microemulsions, emulsions, water granules, solutions, suspensions, granulated and as a paste.
So you will realize how remarkable it is that they can just be dissolved in an active substance such as liquid diluting or dissolving medium.

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