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Mdphp - A Novel Research Chemical Acting the Same Way as the MDPV!

Mdphp is known as a novel research chemical acting the same way as the MDPV. This is also usually offered in its powder form. This is actually the same with MDPV. It is just that MDPHP is the most popular in the research chemical market. This is from the year of 2016 and 2017. This is also sold in its cheap price possible. This is also by far considered as one of the best-selling products from the year of 2016. This is also offered in its purest powder form of MDPHP.

Mdphp Sold, Intended and Designed for Forensic and Research Applications

Mdphp is basically sold, intended and designed for forensic and research applications. This is also known for its other name as MDPHP. This belongs to the amphetamine and phenethylamine chemical classes. This also has its molecular formula of C17H23NO3●HCI.

Prior to the physiological and toxicological properties of this chemical compound, these are somehow not yet known. This is a designer drug that is sold and intended only for forensic and research applications. This will also need to be stored in a dry and cool place. The stability of this compound could last for up to two years. This will also need to be considered under such correct storage conditions.

This product is intended for research and forensic applications. Warning - this product is not for human or veterinary use.

Technical Information

Mdphp actually has its synonyms that include 3,4-MDPHP, 3,4-MD-a-PHP. This does not have its IUPAC name, so far. This does not also have its molecular weight. This does not have its appearance that could be pretty much described. This has its purity of about 98%.

It is good to understand that this is a new research chemical. This is also by far the latest attempt as part of an effort of replicating MDPV. This chemical also functions just the same way as the MDPV. Mdphp is classified to be an analog of the MDPV. This is by far the closest that you could get to the popularly-known MDPV.

For Laboratory Use Only

This chemical compound has already been mentioned in many different sources. This will only be useful in laboratory use. This is not recommended or suggested for human consumption. If you will purchase this offered product, you will need to do it at your own risk. You will also be responsible in complying with the certain results, laws and regulations.

Research Chemical Provider Offering Mdphp

Mdphp is indeed classified as a high purity MDPHP. This is as mentioned appearing in white powder form. This is packaged in a foil bag with its discreet pack.

 The purity reaches up to almost 99 percent. And, this will only need to be stored in a dry, ventilated and cool place. If it will also be transported, it will need to be kept in a ventilated, dry and cool place.

Prior to its moisture content, it is exactly about 0.01. The impurity also reaches at exactly about 0.02. The application is indeed only for research purposes in the laboratory. This also has its validity period of about two years.


Mdphp is known to be utilized and applied in food, flavor enhancer and beverages. That is why this is very useful as a chemical substance. This is also packaged in an aluminum foil bag. But, it will also depend on the requirement of a buyer. .

Safety Information about the Mdphp

If you will buy Mdphp, it will be necessary if you read on and follow some safety information about it. It will need to be kept out of the children. It will also need to be protected from moisture. It will also need to be kept cool.

One more thing you need to consider is to avoid breathing gas, spray, dust, mist and vapor. You will also need to wash your hands completely after handling and using it.

In the event that it is swallowed, it will be essential to contact a poison center, physician or doctor. That is also especially true if you fell not so well. You will also need to wash your skin with plenty of water and soap.

If ever you swallow it as well, rinse your mouth. Never induce vomiting. If ever irritation on your skin occurs, you will need to get some medical attention or advice. You will need to store it at temperatures that do not exceed 8 Degree Celsius/46 Degree Fahrenheit. You will just need to keep in a cool place possible.

Effects it Could Bring to a User

If ever it is swallowed by an individual, it may of course be pretty much harmful or dangerous. It might also cause some certain skin irritations. It might even cause serious eye irritation. If ever you inhale it unexpectedly, it will of course be very harmful and dangerous.

Buy Cheap Mdphp Online!

It is good news that you could buy cheap Mdphp online now. This is offered in the best prices possible in the market. This will need to be purchased from a reputable and reliable research chemical provider or vendor. 

Mdphp - Intended for Forensic and Research Applications!

Mdphp is basically created as a research chemical intended for forensic and research applications. This is known to belong to the phenethylamine chemical classes. This is also introduced with its molecular formula of C17H23NO3● HCI. Prior to its physiological and toxicological properties of this research chemical, these are somehow not yet known. In addition to that, this has its full IUPAC name of 3,4 Methylenedioxy-a-Pyrrolidinohexanophenone or hydrochloride. In fact, this is classified as a research chemical that belongs to the central nervous system stimulants. 

Mdphp is a chemical compound that has its molecular weight of 325.833 g/mol. This also has its hydrogen bond donor count of 1 and a hydrogen bond acceptor count of 4. In addition to that, this has its rotatable bond count of 6 and a complexity of 354.

And prior to its topological polar surface area, it is none other than 38.3 A^2. Even its monoisotopic mass is 325.144 g/mol and its exact mass is 325.144 g/mol. This compound is actually canonicalized and this is really true. This also has no formal change. This has its 22 heavy atom count. But, this does not have any defined atom stereocenter count. This has its single undefined atom stereocenter count. This also has its two covalently-bonded unit count.

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